Episode 43 – Interview with Al King of Wargaming.Net

Episode 43 – Interview with Al King of Wargaming.Net

An interview with Al King – Global Brand Manager, Wargaming.Net – who talks about the “Free To Play” model when used in the context of […]

Interview with Yosuki Futami of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Interview with Yosuki Futami of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

As the latest game in the Sword Art Online franchise, Fatal Bullet has the player assume their own avatar in the world of Gun Gale […]

Ep 42 – Interview with Joe Bognar of God’s Trigger

Ep 42 – Interview with Joe Bognar of God’s Trigger

In my interview with Joe Bognar, the International PR Manager of Techland Publishing talks about the forthcoming God’s Trigger, as well as various subjects pertaining […]

Interview with Okomotive – developer of FAR: Lone Sails

Interview with Okomotive – developer of FAR: Lone Sails

One of the more artistically inspiring indie games to be revealed in recent times is a little known game called FAR: Lone Sails. Not out […]

The thirst for the SNES Mini is extremely real…

The thirst for the SNES Mini is extremely real…

To this day, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System remains my favourite console of all time, and was released during a period when Nintendo truly were […]

Interview with Seokho Lee of Black Witchcraft

It's not often that one happens to stumble across a 2D action game that sports impressive gothic imagery as part of its vivid art aesthetic. But that's exactly what happened at Gamescom 2016 when I [...]

Interview with Adam Bhatti of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

After much fanfare, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 finally arrives to incredible reviews - with some critics heralding it as possibly "the greatest football game ever made". Taking this into account, and with the football franchise [...]

Interview with Adam Hetenyi of The Surge

As the follow up to the cult Demon's Souls inspired Lords of the Fallen game, German developer Deck13 has teamed up with Focus Home Interactive to work on the forthcoming sc-fi inspired The Surge. And [...]

Interview with Chris Keenan of Torment: Tides of Numenera

With a successful Kickstarter campaign already under its belt, inXile Entertainment recently secured itself publishing support from Techland - the developer turned publisher whose Dying Light game garnered it serious acclaim last year. And with [...]

Ep 33 – Interview with Frazer Nash of Wargaming

At this year's Gamescom, and after an extremely long day, I was able to interview Fraser Nash, UK PR Manager for Wargaming, who enthusiastically gushed about the company's forthcoming Tank 100 app which commemorates the [...]

MewithoutYou / Yndi Halda @ The Fighting Cocks (30/08/16)

Although MewithoutYou were the headliners for the night, I only ever really wanted to see Yndi Halda whose Under Summer album is absolutely beautiful. In fact, it's such an amazing piece of work that I [...]

(Brief) Interview with Keiji Inafune and Joseph Staten of ReCore

At this year's Gamescom, I was luckily enough to spend a brief amount of time with Keiji Inafune (Producer) and Joseph Staten (Lead Writer - whose previous credits include Halo) so as to discuss their [...]

Interview with David Hensley of Killing Floor 2

Following up a successful sci-fi horror first person shooter game is never an easy task, especially when that game happens to have shifted several multi-million units in the process and and has built up a [...]

Interview with Gregory Szucs of Vampyr

As someone who has always been intrigued by Dontnod Entertainment's output, and as a fan of action role-playing games, I couldn't resist the opportunity of finding out more about Vampyr after the studio unveiled its [...]

Interview with Thomas Pruski of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

With Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 having laid the foundations for its sequel, and with the scope of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 having increased significantly since the game was first announced in December 2014, I got [...]

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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4) is just £17.25!

This game is always really expensive, but you can grab it for just £17.25 as part of Amazon's Lightning Deal. GO! GO! GO! GO! Great game for kids and parents, I have two wee girls [...]

Pre-order Darksiders: Warmastered Edition for £12.99

This generation is already becoming known for previous-gen re-releases and remasters, and one can tell as Nintendo also recently decided to get in on the act by announcing a whole plethora of re-releases for their [...]

Street Fighter V (PS4) is a bargain at only £17.99

Suffering from the same fate as No Man's Sky, Street Fighter 5 launched in a fairly unfinished state, and was met with pretty disparaging reviews at the time of its release. Since then however, Capcom [...]

Homefront: The Revolution (PS4 / XBox One) is just £14.85

I talked about Homefront: The Revolution only a few days previously, and stated that it represented a pretty good deal at just over £15. But with a new patch that fixes performance issues, many are [...]

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (PS4) is a cool £25.85

It's taken a while, but Naughty Dog's masterpiece can finally be picked up for the reasonable price of £25.85. Whilst the title is still a tad too high in price for my liking - only [...]

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (PS4) is finally below £20

Ridiculed by many critics for its hyper-sexualisation of women, but having picked up a firm fan following since, the Onechanbara series has always polarised gamers - not least because the previous games were (allegedly) not [...]

Mighty No 9 (Wii U) is £17.77

Given that the Wii U version of Mighty No 9 is meant to be the worst version out of all the mainline console releases, I'm actually surprised that it's held its value for so long [...]

Earth Defense Force 4.1 (PS4) is just £12.49!!!

Earth Defense Force has always been a bit of guilty pleasure for me. The equivalent of a fast food burger meal, its series entries have always been cheap and cheerful, and the kind of games [...]

Homefront: The Revolution (PS4) can be picked up for £15.55

Homefront: The Revolution never got the best of reviews when it was released only 3 months previously. But as someone who thoroughly enjoyed the Kaos Studios developed Homefront (whose torturous development is brilliantly chronicled by [...]

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) is only £13.85

As a sequel to my favourite videogame of all time - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - A Link Between Worlds certainly had a lot to live up to if it [...]

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