Interview with J.S. Clayden of Pitchshifter

Seeing as Pitchshifter have been on a two year hiatus, I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to remind our readers as to who the members are, what roles you play in the [...]

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New Band Interview: Flood Of Red

Can you tell us as to who the members of your band are and what roles they play within the band. What inspired you to call yourselves "Flood of Red" and where do you draw [...]

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Interview with Trans Am

What was the inspiration behind calling your band 'Trans Am'? I had nothing to do with it. Apparently, one of those jokers suggested Camaro and the other dude declared that "Trans Am's were cooler than [...]

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Interview with Tim Green of The Fucking Champs

You describe your music as being "Total Music". Can you elaborate on the term and tell us what it means? "Total Music" is an approach to songwriting that ignores genres, extends linearly, not cyclicly and [...]

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Interview with Chris Lee of downset

You are generally perceived as being pioneers of the “Rap Metal” genre. Can you tell us as to how you were able to successfully fuse what appear to be two totally disparate and unconnected music [...]

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