MewithoutYou / Yndi Halda @ The Fighting Cocks (30/08/16)

Although MewithoutYou were the headliners for the night, I only ever really wanted to see Yndi Halda whose Under Summer album is absolutely beautiful. In fact, it's such an amazing piece of work that I [...]

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Dog Eat Dog @ Musik & Frieden (25/08/16)

It's been a while since I last saw Dog Eat Dog, but I finally got to see the band again after 20 years when they played in Berlin (Germany) earlier this week. Check out my [...]

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Interview with post-rock guitarist Dan Caine

As someone who is interested in film soundtracks, but comes from an alternative rock music background, it was only a matter of time before I would come to have a renewed appreciation for the post [...]

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Rosetta @ Camden Underworld (16/07/16)

Having only just found out about Rosetta last week, I was drawn to the post-rock band after numerous fans of the genre cited them as being one of the more influential acts to have emerged [...]

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Interview with Peter Santiago of Winkie

Having been a massive fan of LA rock band The Icarus Line for over a decade, as well as the associative music-zine that is the caustic Buddyhead, what initially drew my attention towards Winkie was [...]

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Interview with Lane Devereaux of Searchlights

One of the many benefits of modern streaming services like Youtube and Spotify is that one gets to discover numerous underground bands without having to risk purchasing physical inventory in order to determine if the [...]

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Interview with Teeth Of The Sea

Even though I'd been aware of Teeth Of The Sea for a number of years, as Jimmy Martin used to work at the (sadly closed down) HMV on Oxford Street (London, UK) which I often [...]

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Interview with Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory

Growing up as a Kerrang kid in the '90s, one of my favourite metal bands of the era was Fear Factory whose seminal Demanufacture album bucked the trend of traditional metal music by combining both [...]

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H20 @ Camden Underworld, 10 January 2016

New York hardcore band H20 played in London on 10 January and it was a great show. Really energetic with a pretty good vibe. And even though I am now in desperate need of new [...]

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In Memory of Scott Weiland

Rest in Peace Scott Weiland. May God finally rest your beloved soul...

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