What is Prankster101 Productions? Who are you guys?
Prankster101 Productions is whatever I say it is. I write about stuff that appeals to me (mostly videogames and music), and post updates whenever I feel like it.

Who is “I”?
“I” is Azfar Shah.

How do I get in touch with Prankster101 Productions?
You can email me at “contact [at] prankster101 [dot] com”. I normally don’t respond, but when I do, it’s usually some half-baked response. So look forward to that as being the highlight of your week.

Does Prankster101 Productions accept game review codes?
Of course. I’m always happy to receive free stuff. Just get in touch via email (contact [at] prankster101 [dot] com), but be aware that the likelihood of your game being reviewed is incredibly unlikely.

Why do you constantly “hate” on Nintendo?
Like a drug-addict, I do it for the hits.

Do you make any money from posting deals?

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