Lego Jurassic World PS Vita Box Art

I must admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Sony’s underperforming portable machine, not least because it’s such a nice piece of kit that unfortunately never managed to gain much traction in the face of Nintendo’s insanely popular (yet plasticky) 3DS handheld. It also doesn’t help that Sony allowed Nintendo to effectively “steal” the Monster Hunter franchise from right under their noses – thereby ensuring that the system would struggle to sell as many units in Japan.

With that being said however, and as someone who doesn’t give a damn about Pokemon, it’s nice to know that even now, the Vita has more third party support, and has a lot more games coming out for it than either the 3DS or the Wii U – both of which have pretty barren retail release calendars.

Anyway, Lego Jurassic World is one of those games that got a physical retail release on PS Vita, and aside from being the best Lego game on the handheld, is currently only £12.99. And even if the 3DS version might be similar, the Vita game actually benefits from being hosted on a platform that has an infinitely nicer screen. Plus you can play it on your TV via the PSTV, so that obviously helps…

EDIT: Wait!!! Did I say that right? Can you actually play the same game on your handheld AND on your TV? My God… It’s almost as if the Vita and PSTV never happened.

Whatever happened to Nintendo’s mantra on “new ways to play” with regards to the NX? What about their revolutionary “new idea” that the company is so scared that competitors will end up stealing? Seems to me that the NX is merely ripping off what the Vita started many years ago…

Of course, Nintards will lap up any old $hit that Nintendo throws their way, even if the NX is nothing more than an N-branded NVidia Shield…

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